T5 LED Auto Dash board bulbs use super brightness led light source, high intensity, good heat dissipation, extend lifespan; Environment protecting, energy saving, no strobe, no radiate, no light pollution to our body

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 ¤Low wattage and power-saving ultra bright LED, Save energy five times more than incandescent lamp

 ¤Low Heat Generation, extended lifespan

 ¤ Durable and non-fading brilliant beams, Brightness lighting provides a high level of road safety at night  

 ¤Pure color with nice appearance

 ¤Use the standard wedge socket, Easy installation, directly replace the traditional light

 ¤Environmental friendly and power saving;

 ¤Quick reaction, immediate response on/off
 ¤No IR&UV radiate, no light pollution

 ¤Adaptable automobile style: all kinds of automobile style

 ¤OEM and ODM service available



 Use as led bulbs car interior, led dashboard light, LED Car Interior Lights, led signal light Indicator Light,

license plate light, side light, door light, back up light etc

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